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Subaru automatic shifter solenoid question.

subaru shifterQuestion: I have a 92 Subaru loyale and the solenoid in the shifting mechanism isn’t receiving any power. My question is what powers the solenoid, is it the inhibitor relay or inhibitor switch that isn’t giving it power? I hooked the solenoid up to a voltage meter and there is absolutely no power, so the shifter is stuck in park and won’t switch gears unless I use the emergency release button. So my husband decided to bypass the solenoid completely and hook up the shifter to a light so the shifter will shift into other gears. But what is causing the no power to the solenoid?


Answer: Beth, the shifter solenoid is designed to keep you from shifting out of park when the brake pedal is not depressed. There should be a plunger switch under the dash directly above the brake pedal which activates your brake lights, and sends a signal to the solenoid to activate and allow shifting when the pedal is depressed.

I would first check to see if your brake lights work, if not then the switch is bad, a common issue on older cars. The replacement part is usually under $10 and easy to change.

If you have brake lights, then you need to check voltage at the relay when the car is on and the brake pedal is depressed. If you don’t have voltage (12 volts) follow the wiring from that brake light switch to the shifter solenoid and see if there is a break in the wiring, or a blown fuse. If you do have voltage coming in to the solenoid when the brake pedal is pressed, then the solenoid is likely bad.

Posted: 8th October 2014  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Brakes, Drivetrain, Electrical

Jaguar Trouble Codes

Question: I have a 2002 jaguar s type, 4.0 L with the codes 705 and 125 coming up…what does this mean?


P0125 – Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel Control
P0705 – Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction (PRNDL Input)

These codes are generic OBDII codes from the following site…

I would guess from the first code your coolant sensor is shot, or the
wiring is bad to the sensor.  The second one related to the
transmission shifter location, which the sensor may be in the
transmission or the console where the shifter is.  I don’t have a
Jaguar manual handy to tell you specifics.  Alldata repair manuals are
an excellent source for this kind of specific info.

Posted: 22nd March 2010  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Drivetrain, Engine

Jeep Transmission Repair Costs?


How much should it cost with labor and everything to replace a second gear synchronizer on a 2002 jeep wrangler 4.0 litre standard car.



I do not have a labor guide in front of me to give you an exact number. The AllData online manuals have labor guides included for most vehicles, but you do have to pay for it. I would imagine the labor rate is around 8 hours and parts would be around $100.

Check Out AllData…


Posted: 23rd July 2009  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Drivetrain

Ford F-350 Transfer Case Damage?


Hello. I let my neighbor borrow my Ford F350 Diesel Pickup truck. When I picked it up, he informed me that he had put it in 4-wheel low. I asked him if he put it in neutral first, and he said he did not, he just had it in park. My question is, will that damage my truck, and if so, what are some things I need to look out for, telling me that damage occured?

Thanks for taking my question. Tim




It should not have caused any damage, the real problem would be if he
shifted into 4LO while driving, but the newer Fords prevent you from
doing that anyway. The gears for 4LO are not synchronized, and
straight-cut so they can not be shifted on the fly, so having the
transmission in neutral allows the shafts in the transfer case to free
spin and engage smoothly while the vehicle is at rest. When shifted
into 4LO while in park, there may have been a slight clunk if the
gears did not mesh properly, but it would not cause any wear to the
gears or damage. If however the truck was moving, and he tried to
shift into 4LO there would have been a lot of grinding, possibly a
broken tooth on the gear and some wear. That is why most newer
vehicle prevent you from engaging 4LO while the vehicle is in motion.

Posted: 7th July 2009  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Drivetrain

Clicking from front end when turning.


Everytime i’m driving my car,i here this clicking noise when i turn the
wheel to the right..i’m afraid i might “break” something or possibly have
the car stop running while i’m driving…what is this and also when i leave
from my parking spot,there seems to be a grease spot on the ground…i know
it is not the oil in my what is it?


More than likely the clicking is the CV joint (constant velocity) if you have a front wheel drive car.  And the spot you see on the ground is the grease leaking out of it.  There is a boot which is supposed to keep the grease in the CV joint, but over time it wears out and may split.  This will allow the grease to leak out and dirt to get into the CV joint.  This will cause premature wear and the clicking noise you hear.  Get the car to a mechanic ASAP, if the CV joint snaps, you may lose control over the vehicle.


Posted: 29th August 2006  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Drivetrain

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