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At The Dealer

Considering Trading In Your Car?

Make it the last point in your negotiation. Many times dealers have trade-in values figured in to the asking price of a vehicle, so they can give the appearance of giving you more money for your trade. Negotiate a fair price for the car you are interested in, then bring up the trade-in issue. Make sure you know the value of your trade-in. See our research page for more information on getting trade-in values. Understand that the dealer has every reason in the world to offer you less than your trade-in is worth.

Ready to sell to a private buyer?

Make sure you have a notary lined up to transfer the title. Insist on cash or a bank check, and always do the money exchange in a safe public place. At the notary is best. Never let the new owner of your vehicle drive off without the vehicle in his or her name, and insured with their insurance company!

Selling your Car

What is the best way to sell my car?

Typically car dealers will never give you top dollar for your trade-in. By selling your car privately, you can get every penny of value from it, and save yourself the hassle of negotiating a trade-in with the deal. Selling your car online is the quickest way of getting your car or truck sold.

Selling your car can be a long and drawn out process if done the wrong way. I have helped 1,000's of people sell their used car online in the shortest amount of time.

Save yourself some time and money by following the steps below.

  • Research the value before you place a classified ad. Too high a price will scare people away. Take into consideration the mileage, condition, and the records you have kept. People will be more willing to buy a car if you kept good records of all maintenance. When arriving at an asking price look at all the online sources and get an average cost. Most sites use different databases for pricing information and your best price is an average from all of the sites. You can get pricing information online at any of the following online websites:
    • Kelly Blue Book - They now have a private sale value which is what you can expect to sell your car for to a private party. I have heard others say Kelly Blue Book pricing is a little high, and after researching many cars online I must agree.
    • NADA - The choice of most dealers and financial institutions.
    • Edmunds - Another great source for pricing
  • When writing your ad, make sure to include the basics...Year, make, model, color, price, mileage, phone number and best time to contact you. Adding OBO (Or Best Offer) after the selling price may get you a few more responses since the buyer will know you are flexible. (if you are)
  • Clean your car before anyone comes to see it. Make sure you sweep out the interior and clean any spots from the carpet and upholstery. Also a good coat of wax would not hurt. Consider going to a reputable detailing business to have the car cleaned. This can literally add 100's of dollars to the resale value.
  • If you have an extended warranty on your car, check if it's transferable. This can ease a seller's mind and possibly make the sale.
  • Collect receipts and service records. This can give the buyer a sense for how you cared for the car.

Should I sell my car on CraigsList?

A ad can work and the price is right! (FREE) But be aware Craigslist is full of scams and idiots. Be clear about the details, don't give out your phone number in the ad, and meet in a public place to show the vehicle until you get a sense of the person. I have sold many vehicles and parts through Craigslist and it can be annoying at times, but then again you can not argue with the price, or the local reach it offers.

Should I sell my car on Ebay?

I don't usually recommend selling a car on Ebay unless it's a really desirable modern vehicle or a rare classic car. Yes, Ebay offers a large audience, but the fees can be high, and the hassle of shipping and dealing with bidders is not worth it when selling an average car. The same goes for sites like and They do attract a more local audience, but the cost just does not make sense with CraigsList out there.