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Audi Brake Job



Hey Kevin,

I have a 2001 Audi A4 Quattro and I recently changed the rear pads. I bought Wagner brake pads which where the more expensive of the choices and now have a persistent squealing noise from the right rear pads. which occurs while driving and goes away when I brake and comes right back when I let off the brakes. I tried to sand the calipers and applied never seize and special spray lube but nothing seemed to work. Any suggestions would be great.



When you changed the pads, did you screw in the caliper pistons, or just use a clamp to push the piston back in? On the Audis the piston must be screwed back into the caliper. Its possible there is not enough room for the pads to back off the rotor, it may be rubbing while the brakes are not applied. Also I dont know what you sanded on the caliper, but you may have damaged the caliper depending on how much and where you sanded it down. As with any brake job, cleaning the calipers and rotors is critical to no squeaks and should only be done with a spray on brake cleaner. ( no abrasives !)

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Posted: 7th July 2009  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Brakes

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