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Undercoating Your Car, Is it Worth It ?



Hi Kevin,
Since I am a female I find car people are trying to sell me things for my new car that I don’t really know if it is needed or not. I was reading you web on car care and wondered if you would answer a few concerns.
I have chosen a Honda Fit sport. Then comes all these extras. I have eliminated all except the undercoating but am concerned if it really necessary or if it will more than likely cause me more problems later on. I live in the Okanagan in BC. The climate is hot, dry summers and very mild winters. Most have told me that undercoating will cause build up and not allow the drainage that is necessary. The dealer said it would help with sound proofing. For $300. is it a good idea? They also talked about extended warranty because of the fuel pump troubles of the Honda. Is this has been a problem then maybe I should make another choice. I realize that what ever I choose will probably have some concerns but I shouldn’t have to worry before I even buy the new car.
I have been reading the info about taking care of the car and found it very easy to understand and good advice. I only wish dealers were so reliable. Thank you in advance for your advice Marlene



I am assuming you are buying this car brand new (not a used car)? If it’s a brand new car, the undercoating is a good idea, and will not keep water from draining if done properly. It does depend on how long you plan on keeping the car, and how well you maintain it. If you can keep the winter road salt cleaned off every now and then, and keep the car in a garage, I would say save your money and skip the undercoating. If you plan on keeping the car for more than 3 years, and don’t have a garage, the undercoating would be a good idea. It’s very rare that today’s cars start rusting out, if properly taken care of.
The extended warranty is again an issue of how long will you own it? If you plan on keeping the car past it’s factory warranty, then the extended warranty may be cheaper to purchase now. If you are not sure about how long you will have the car, I would say wait until the factory warranty is about to run out.

Good Luck,

Kevin Schappell

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Posted: 7th April 2006  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Body

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