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What IS All This Stuff in My Car Emergency Kit and WHAT is it For?


If you don’t believe that driving is risky business, you should ask your insurance company about it. Checking in with services like CarInsuranceQuotes.net can clarify for you exactly how much risk your incurring just by getting behind the wheel (let alone getting behind the wheel sleepy, in the rain or snow, or otherwise not your best). Given your odds of having an accident, it’s relatively important to know what is in your emergency kit and how to use it. Do people ever really use it? If they knew what was in there, they probably would a lot more!

Road Flares at Night

One of the more common items that appears in a car emergency kit is a set of road flares. If you’ve ever broken down on the side of the road in the middle of the night, then you know how scary it can be. Not only do you have to worry about people paying attention to your hazard lights, but you have to try to change your tire or fix whatever the problem is. Flares are meant to alert drivers to your presence. This reduces any danger to you and your family inside the vehicle.

Your First Aid Kit

Feel free to rearrange the first aid supplies that should be included in your emergency kit into whatever configuration you prefer. In fact, if you personalize it to what your family needs, then it will actually be a valuable part of your vehicle. Consider adding some aspirin or pain medication in case someone gets a minor injury. Bandages and tape are always a good idea to take care of cuts and other situations. Inhalers or a couple of doses of any prescription medications your family needs are also good uses of first aid kit space. These can be a literal life saver in situations where you’re stranded.

Other Tools

A rescue tool should also be one of the first things you add. Oftentimes, these are manufactured to break windows in an emergency. If you’re ever stuck somewhere and cannot get out, this will give you the mechanical means to do so. Of course, that means you’re going to need to keep your first aid kit in the car instead of the trunk, but it will be more helpful that way.

Also consider adding emergency foil blankets, snacks, and some gloves. If you’re stuck outside the car for any time at all, you’ll be able to keep warm. Once you figure out how to decode your car emergency kit, then you’ll see why they recommend it for everyone. If you prepare for anything, you’ll be ready for anything!

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Posted: 12th May 2012  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: General

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