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Winter Driving Tips


Not many people enjoy driving in the ice and snow, but there
are a few things to decrease your stress levels and make your drive much safer.

- Inspect your tires: New tires will give you the traction
you will need for the winter months. Make sure you check
the air pressures also. In colder months, the air
contracts and you can lose air pressure in your tires,
with just a drop in temperature.

- Carry a bag of salt or ice melt in the trunk: If you
have a rear wheel drive car, this will also add some
weight for traction. Salt can also be used to melt snow
and aid in traction if you become stuck.

- Take it easy: Some people with 4-wheel drive vehicles
think they can go faster…. well 4-wheel drive does not
help you stop any faster on ice or snow !

- When you start to slide: Steer the direction you want
the front of the car to go. Be careful not to over
correct. I often recommend drivers find an empty parking
lot and practice sliding the car to get an idea how it
feels. Make sure you can safely practice and get
permission to use the parking lot.

- Leave plenty of room: Always think ahead and leave
plenty of room to stop if something should go wrong.
Anticipate what other drivers may do before they do it,
and have an emergency exit from the situation.

- Stay home: If the weather is too bad, don’t risk going
out. Stay home and cuddle up with your
wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend and be glad you are
not out there on the road.

Safe Travels,

Kevin Schappell

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Posted: 19th January 2006  |  Author: Kevin Schappell  |  Category: Car Care

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